About Ruskin Infant School and Nursery

Ruskin Infant School and Nursery is a three form entry Infant School with 2 nursery classes for 2 and 3 year olds. The school is situated in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire with around 315 children on roll. It is a ‘Good’ school with a focus on the whole child, their development, their education and their love of learning as a lifelong process.

We provide wide and varied high quality learning experiences within a nurturing environment. Our nursery unit and childcare provision provide high quality learning experiences for children of all abilities. We pride ourselves on the richness of provision both inside and outside the classrooms.

Teachers have high expectations and plan imaginative and stimulating lessons that motivate pupils to learn.  Children behave very well and are encouraged to do so through various initiatives. They are focused upon how they learn, alongside what they learn through our Building Learning Power development. Classes choose Learning Heroes whose attributes reflect the strengths that they feel that they would like to develop and model for others.

The school is highly effective in its nurturing of children and initiatives such as ‘Massage in Schools Programme’, ‘Relax Kids’ and Zippy’s Friends allow children to develop their emotional and social skills so that they are ready to learn and make good progress in their lessons. The school has also achieved a ‘Gold’ accreditation for Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TAMHS) and there is always a strong focus on children’s self esteem and ways of developing their confidence in how they see themselves as learners. Learning is enriched through a wide range of after-school and holiday activities which support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We are proud of our rich seam of first hand learning experiences provided through our Forest School provision. Children thrive and extend their learning in a safe but exciting forest environment. We regularly offer opportunity for visitors from other schools and settings to explore the good practice which we are happy to share.

The school has an imaginative curriculum which focuses the children on what they want to explore in their learning, using strategies such as Mantle of the Expert and the ‘Storytelling School’ approach to enhance learning experiences.

Ruskin Infant School is a ‘Healthy School’ and our Food Policy and approach to healthy lunches is now seen as exemplary practice within the local area. There is also a broad range of study support that extends children’s view of what it means to have a healthy body and mind.

A strong partnership with parents/carers is a key element to the success of the school, with many packages available such as Family Seal and The Solihull Approach. Our Parent Support Advisors provide a great deal of targeted support for families in challenging circumstances.

In terms of School Improvement, we work as a cohesive team to move practice forward across the school. We are experienced in supporting colleagues around the county with school improvement priorities and enjoy the reciprocity of this kind of work.

As a forward thinking and outward looking school we like to be on the cutting edge of educational developments and good practice. We welcome visitors from the United Kingdom and around the world to share the varied practice in use that supports and sustains our pupils on their learning journey to success.

Catherine Starnes, Headteacher

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