What are National Teaching Schools?

Teaching schools give outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and headteachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support. Read more here.

The Big 3 - Role of Teaching Schools

Teaching Schools are part of the Government’s drive to give schools more freedom and take support for their alliance themselves, teaching schools will identify and coordinate expertise from their partners and wider alliance, using the best leaders and teachers to engage in the following:


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School led Initial Teacher Training Systems
It is a key priority that Teaching School Alliances should play a greater role in all aspects of initial teacher training (ITT). The 5 Wells TSA are engaging with partner schools and accredited providers to develop new strategies to attract high quality trainees and to set them on the journey of becoming an outstanding teacher.

CPD & Leadership Development
To support the ongoing developments of leaders, teachers and the support staff in schools Teaching School Alliances should identify and lead ongoing training and professional development according to the needs of the area.

School to School Support
Teaching School Alliances are all involved in building capacity for school to school support and in working with schools and Local Authority colleagues to ensure that those resources are deployed to best effect.

How will the 5 Wells TSA deliver the Big 3?

At the 5 Wells TSA we see each of these areas as a continuum of development that is either a personal journey over every teacher or leader's career, or a school journey, from needing targeted support to becoming outstanding. You can access the continuum at any point depending on where you or your school may be.

The impact of The Big 3

The intention behind the delivery of the Big 3 is to create a self- improving and sustainable system, led by schools, and leading to better outcomes for all children with more good and outstanding schools and teachers. This is vital in our region:

“Educational provision in the East Midlands is plagued by mediocrity. The overall effectiveness of schools in the East Midlands is below the national level in both the primary and secondary phases, with almost 158,000 pupils attending schools that are not yet good. In the East Midlands, the likelihood of children and young people doing well depends very much on where they live. The educational provision in these areas is not meeting the needs of children, pupils and learners well enough. There are three key issues:

  • White British children from poor families achieve much less well than others
  • Children in the care system do badly and, as a group, their achievement is among the worst in the country
  • Children with English as an additional language are not getting the start they need to enable them to do well.

Children in the East Midlands do less well in the Early Years Foundation Stage than those in England as a whole. Although they catch up a little in Key Stages 1 and 2, they remain slightly behind their peers nationally. However, by Key Stage 4 the proportion of East Midlands’ students reaching the national benchmark of at least five GCSEs at grades A* to C including English and mathematics is the joint lowest of all regions at 53.2%. Also, the proportion of learners who achieve a level 2 qualification by 19 is below the national level, as is the proportion of learners who achieve level 3 by 19.”

East Midlands Regional Report 2013/14

National College for School Leadership

National College works to develop and support great leaders of schools and early years settings so that they can make a positive difference to children’s lives. The National College has developed a model, through the Teaching Schools, that allows for flexibility in choice and delivery while staying within the remit of collaborative support across the three main focus areas. Read more here.

The Teaching School Council

The Teaching School Council (TSC) is a body representing all teaching schools and working with system leaders across England promoting an inclusive school-led system. Read more here.

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