Thu, 12 Oct 2017 6:00 pm -8:00 pm
5 Wells Teaching School
5 Wells Teaching School
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As you may be aware, the DfE are in the process of updating their School Data software and RaiseOnline will soon be replaced by ASP.

Quote from DfE website:

  • The Department for Education (DfE) are launching a new service, which will provide schools and other existing user groups with detailed performance analysis to support local school improvement as a replacement to RAISEonline. We hope to have this ready in late April/early May. The name of the new service will be announced as soon as confirmed.
  • The current RAISEonline service will be available until Monday 31 July 2017. This will allow users to familiarise themselves with the new service and provide feedback before the current one is taken offline.  
  • During this period of dual running we will continue to develop the new service and plan to release an updated version in July 2017. During this time, we will also seek your feedback through formal testing and user surveys which are built into the new service. 
  • Inspectors will continue to use the data available in the existing summary report and inspection dashboard to prepare for inspections, until 2017 datasets are released in the autumn term.

We have scheduled training from our expert facilitators to take you through the new system and ensure that you are comfortable with how it all works and where to find all of the data you, as a school, need.  We have built in a little leeway into our date to try to ensure that the training will coincide with the release of the 2017 data.

These sessions will fill very quickly so we are offering you the opportunity to book your slot now - if we have to change the date we will advise as quickly as possible.

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Tue, 17 Oct 2017 6:00 pm -8:00 pm
5 Wells Teaching School
5 Wells Teaching School
Barnwell Rd, Wellingborough NN8, UK

A session for Head Teachers and their Chair of Governors outlining the importance of this criticial relationship and how to get the best out of it.

The relationship between the Chair of Governors and the Head Teacher must be one of mutual support based on a clear understanding of each others roles and responsibilities. An understanding of the difference between strategic and management roles and why these roles are separate is important to effective working relationships.

This relationship although crucial is often difficult to define and achieve. Challenging conversations, if not handled carefully, can damage this relationship and can lead to disharmony at best.

This training course is designed to equip both Chairs of Governors and Head Teachers/Senior leaders with the knowledge and skills to consider their roles in forming and maintaining an effective relationship and to develop the relationship further.

Course content will include;

  • The psychology of professional relationships
  • The strategic role
  • The management role
  • Managing effective communication (negotiation, emotion, positive language etc.)
  • Undertaking challenging conversations
  • Building a professional relationship
  • Relevant ethical considerations
  • Collaborative and supportive working

The course is interactive and a number of real scenarios are used to illustrate and develop a range of skills.

The course is delivered by Trevor Kendrick a qualified psychotherapist and trainer (Cert Ed) and is an experienced school governor. Trevor is a National Leader of Governance (NLG) and a consultant for the National Governors Association. He has worked as a police negotiator and advanced interview skills instructor and has designed and delivered senior management training in the commercial and educational sectors.  

You can read more about Trevor here: https://www.5wellstsa.org.uk/index.php/school-to-school/national-leaders-of-governance/17-trevor-kendrick




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